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What Sparked A Revolution

Every revolution begins with a spark, an idea that challenges the status quo. Burger Revolution is a flavour revolution, and our fight is against the bland burger, the frozen burger, the ordinary burger.

Husband and wife team Jeff and Rayling Camacho started Burger Revolution in response to a cry from the masses: "Give the people what they want! Give the people flavour!". OK, it wasn't as dramatic as all that, but that's what Jeff and Rayling did anyway.

They knew what the people knew - that the ordinary burger is bland and boring. But they also knew it didn't have to be that way.

So, from a simple idea sprang the birth of a movement, a flavour movement: to create the most delicious, flavourful burger possible using local sustainable grain-fed premium beef, flame cooked slowly, topped with the freshest locally grown produce and cheese available. The revolution had begun.

The revolution was a long time in the making while Jeff honed his skills as a chef in such far away places as China, the United States, Niagara on the Lake and yes, Belleville. It was here that the revolution took hold, and between two buns the people tasted the truth. And the truth was delicious.

Now Jeff and Rayling invite you to join their flavour revolution. Come in and taste how a burger should taste: fresh, flavourful and delicious.



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  • Excited to announce Today’s fry feature!!
Mac and cheese 
With house made bbq sauce! 
With our house cut fries 
For only 7$ 😱
We are open till 9 today come try it while it lasts!!
#burgerrev #fryday #fryfeature #macncheese #ermagerd
  • Quinte West Location Update
Everyone is patiently waiting, as we are too. 
We had a sneak peek this week and things are progressing! 
Still abit of time for opening day...but it is coming along beautifully. 
Be patient Burger Rev Fans....we ensure that it’s worth the wait!!!
#burgerrev #burgerrevolution #burgerrevquintewest  #openingdayiscoming
  • The cold weather is here!
Poutines are the answer!!!!
If you are a carnivore & love meat...
The Carniovores Dilemma is for you!
Chili, Pulled Pork, Hot Dog, pickles Pepper Relish, Chairman Mayo & Sour cream all on top of our traditional poutine.
#burgerrev #poutine #carnivoresdilemma #ermagerd
  • Sundays are the perfect time for a fried egg on your burger.

You can top your burger with an egg for an extra $1 or try one of our signature burgers that have them. 
The Viva or The Rise and Shine!
#burgerrev #burgers #friedegg #sogood #yolkygoodness
  • Chicken Burgers? Yep we have that too.
You can sub any of our burgers with a Deep Fried Chicken Breast. 
You can try of our special creations.
1) The Resistance
DF Chicken Breast, Cheddar, Fried Egg, Coleslaw, Lettuce & Chairman Mayo

2)The Ark
Beef Patty, Bacon, Pepper Cheese, DF Chicken Breast, Chairman Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato & Red Onion 
#burgerrev #burgers #chickenburgers
  • The Burger of the Month is definately a crowd pleaser.
On a Pretzel Bun, Potato Roll, Lettuce Wrap, Gluten Free Bun.  But this one....on a Plantain Bun, yep this is a must try. 
#burgerrev #burgers #plantainbun #jibarito #tostones #themozzarati
  • Was a busy Thursday yesterday. 
While our restaurant was doing its regular crazy busy thing in Belleville. 
600 sliders of our ABburger an homage to Chef Anthony Bourdain (and fries) donated too @covenanthousetoronto for a charity event headed by @citymoguls in support of mental health & youth programs 
Thanks to all the staff for helping prep & to Leah & Nic for driving all the way and helping us for this awesome cause. 
#burgerrev #covenanthouse #citymoguls
  • Meet Alexis!

Alexis is one of our front counter employees!

Her favourite burger when she started 4 years ago was The Rebel and it hasn’t changed since!

When she isn’t at Burger Revolution she loves to paint, shop, game and create stunning makeup looks 
Check out her makeup looks on Instagram @makeupbyalexis8

Can we get some burger rev love for Alexis! ☺️ #burgerrev #beststaffever #talentedstaff
  • With the build of the new store coming along, things were a little hectic that November’s Burger of the Month was at a stall. 
We are fortunate to have a passionate team & our Restaurant Manager Leah had an idea, stepped up and knocked one out of the park. 
If you haven’t tried The Mozzarati as of yet. Make sure this is on you Burger Rev Bucket list. 
#burgerrev #burgerrevbelleville #ermagerd #beststaffever #burgers


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 @FinkleElectric Congratulations!!!!

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 @beandar Thank you! Happy you’ve enjoyed everything!


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Burger Revolution
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revolution to go!

Our specialty house ground craft burgers are flame grilled slowly. Please allow a minimum of 10 mins. for your take-out order to be ready for pick-up.





SUNDAY: 11:00-4:00PM





SUNDAY: 11:00-4:00PM

Our specialty house ground craft burgers are flame grilled slowly. Please allow a minimum of 10 mins. for your take-out order to be ready for pick-up.


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