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What Sparked A Revolution

Every revolution begins with a spark, an idea that challenges the status quo. Burger Revolution is a flavour revolution, and our fight is against the bland burger, the frozen burger, the ordinary burger.

Husband and wife team Jeff and Rayling Camacho started Burger Revolution in response to a cry from the masses: "Give the people what they want! Give the people flavour!". OK, it wasn't as dramatic as all that, but that's what Jeff and Rayling did anyway.

They knew what the people knew - that the ordinary burger is bland and boring. But they also knew it didn't have to be that way.

So, from a simple idea sprang the birth of a movement, a flavour movement: to create the most delicious, flavourful burger possible using local sustainable grain-fed premium beef, flame cooked slowly, topped with the freshest locally grown produce and cheese available. The revolution had begun.

The revolution was a long time in the making while Jeff honed his skills as a chef in such far away places as China, the United States, Niagara on the Lake and yes, Belleville. It was here that the revolution took hold, and between two buns the people tasted the truth. And the truth was delicious.

Now Jeff and Rayling invite you to join their flavour revolution. Come in and taste how a burger should taste: fresh, flavourful and delicious.



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  • Our poutine feature for today:
Pulled chicken breast, jalapeño slices, sour cream, Pico de gallo & fried chicken skins #burgerrev #ermagerd
  • Another
  • Our First entries to our
  • *FotoPromo & Win $$$*
Our second anniversary is coming up. We thought a photo promo would be appropriate!
Get Creative, send any Burger Rev related photos to the links below (#RTR) If chosen you can win a $25 gift Card! #ermagerd #anniversary #rtr #burgerrev #contest #money #win
  • Happy HumpBurger Day!
Just grilled up this beast of a burger: The Rebel w/ a Double Patty!! #ermagerd #burgerrev #burgerporn #yougottaeathere #unhingeyerjaw
  • Aprils BOTM (Burger of the Month)
The Lamburgini
Lamb Burger (Vaders Farm, P.E.C), Provolone, Marinated Eggplant, Olive & Artichoke Salad, Grainy Mustard Mayo #burgerrevBOTM #ermagerd #burgers #lamb #burgerporn #yougottaeathere
  • Our interim Burger of the Month: The Fryin Dutchman! #beerbatteredhaddock #cheese #curriedshrimpmayo #coleslaw #burgerrev #ermagerd #yougottaeathere
  • Our Poutine Feature for today:
Fried Chicken Poutine!
Chicken Breast dredged with 13 different herbs & spices ;) on our traditional poutine 
#burgerrev #poutine #ermagerd #foodporn
  • Our Poutine Feature:
Greek Style Meatballs (pork, beef, feta, garlic, oregano), tomato sauce, tzatziki #poutine #ermagerd #foodporn #burgerrev


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Burger Revolution
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revolution to go!

Our specialty house ground craft burgers are flame grilled slowly. Please allow a minimum of 10 mins. for your take-out order to be ready for pick-up.





Our specialty house ground craft burgers are flame grilled slowly. Please allow a minimum of 10 mins. for your take-out order to be ready for pick-up.

Notice of 'Winter Blues' Hours:

Burger Revolution will be closed Sundays & Mondays starting Feb 23 through March 10th.

Hang tight Revolutionists! We'll be back to full hours soon.


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